**We are currently sold out of the print (ankara) masks. Only solids are currently available. Pls send us an email (or DM on IG)  if you want to be notified when ankara masks become available.**

Shipping is just $2 per mask. Use code: FACEMASK to get $2 shipping at checkout.
Product Info:
. Women masks: 6” by 9”
. Men masks: 7” by 9”
Measurement is pre-pleating. Each mask is made with 2 pieces of cotton fabric; one on the front (Ankara) and a plain cotton fabric on the back & 1 piece cotton flannel. The flannel serves as a filter so there is no need for additional filter.

IMPORTANT: We are not medical professionals and this is not a N95.
Price: Masks are $15 Each + $2.00 Shipping Fee (3 business days)
Filter: Flannel layer included, sewn in
Order: Via DM on Instagram or on our website.

Men’s Ankara and Solid Facemask with Filter



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